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Please respect the environment and follow the below safety rules.

  2. Ride and Walk on Right.
  3. Pass on Left.
  4. Bicyclists yield to all others.
  5. Alert others when passing.  Please announce in loud voice, “on your left” before passing anyone.
  6. Obey all traffic signs, laws and signals.
  7. When crossing roads, walk bikes and watch for cars.
  8. Leash and pick up after your pet
  10. Respect the trail, the environment and other trail users.

Path of the Flood South Fork-Mineral Point 2

E-Bike Policy
Effective March 17, 2023

E-bikes are permitted in Cambria County on the Ghost Town Trail, the Path of the Flood Trail and Jim Mayer Riverswalk Trail under the following regulations:

  • The motor is under 750w.
  • The e-bike has a maximum speed of 20 mph when powered solely by the motor.
  • The bike weighs no more than 100 pounds.
  • The bike is equipped with two or three wheels at least 11 inches in diameter.
  • The bike must have operable pedals.
  • E-bikes must follow the same rules on the trail as a traditional bicycle.
  • Equipment that uses internal combustion engines such as ATVs, UTVs, mopeds and scooters are not permitted.

Trail Access Policy for Power Driven Mobility Devices
Effective March 18, 2011

To accommodate mobility disabled persons:

  • Wheelchairs and other mobility devices built specifically for disabilities are permitted.

Other personal mobility devices, not specifically designed for disabilities, may be used provided:

  • Any electric propulsion device must not exceed 250 watts or 1/3 HP in power;
  • Devices do not travel at a rate of more than 15 mph;
  • Devices can be no more than 36 inches in width;
  • Devices do not weigh more than 100 lbs.;
  • No other power driven devices may be used, including but not limited to any gas or similarly powered combustible fuel devices, ATV’s, golf carts, or dirt bikes.

Validation of Mobility Disability

Persons with a mobility disability may show a valid, State-issued, disability parking placard or card, or other State-issued proof of disability that has been issued to them, or they may state that they are using the mobility device due to a mobility disability. Representatives of the Cambria County Conservation & Recreation Authority may not ask about the nature and extent of the individual’s disability. Department of Justice ADA regulations also add that the claim of a mobility disability must be considered valid as long as it is not contradicted by observable fact.

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