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One trail’s end is another trail’s beginning.

The Cambria County Conservation & Recreation Authority strives to provide the residents of Cambria County sustainable recreational hiking, biking, walking, and running trail experiences that connect citizens with the region’s assets to encourage an active, healthy lifestyle.

Friends of the Trails

If you believe that great trails make great communities, we ask for your support to enhance our regional treasures, the Cambria County Trails.

Donate Now

Create, enhance, and preserve great trail experiences in Cambria County.

For the past 20+ years, the trails have been a magnificent resource important to both the quality of life and economic prosperity of the County, but they require funds for ongoing maintenance to keep them in usable condition, for enhancement, and for further development. Facing the increasing needs of active citizens looking for opportunities to enhance healthy lifestyle choices, the Cambria County Conservation and Recreation Authority needs your help and financial support. With your donation, we can deliver projects to maintain, enhance and develop our trails, making them even better for generations to come.

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