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The Ghost Town Trail Extension

An additional 9.34 miles of new trail will be added to The Ghost Town Trail through Blacklick Township, and construction will begin in the spring of 2017. The trail extension will go from the end of the current Rexis Branch at White Mill Crossing, past the Belsano Crossing, to North Street in Cardiff. In addition to the trail extension, additional parking and trail access will be added at North Street. This project is part of a 1.2 million dollar PennDot TAP grant secured by the CCCRA. The CCCRA has approved the design and found waste slag to be the best option due to its durability and low price. With the savings from material and additional state funding, the CCCRA  will also be able to reconstruct two more trail bridges beyond Expedite Road and designate them as the Carson Kitner Memorial Bridges.

The 9.34 extension will go from the end of the current Rexis Branch at White Mill Crossing past the Belsano Crossing to North Street in Cardiff. The project will include the construction of two bridges and is expected to begin in the spring of 2017.
Steve Behory Memorial Park on North Street in Cardiff will serve as The Ghost Town Trail access point after the latest extension is completed. Photograph courtesy of Randy Griffith.
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