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Building a Bridge to Pittsburgh

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald visited Ebensburg on July 26 to talk about the Bridge to Pittsburgh effort. Officials hope to partner together to bring more business opportunities to the region.

Executive Rich Fitzgerald, Commissioner Tom Chernisky, staff of Cambria County Conservation and Recreation Authority (CCCRA) and Indiana County Commissioners took a 14-mile bike ride in the afternoon along with members from Conemaugh Valley Conservancy, Laurel Highlands On & Off Road Bicycling Association (LHORBA), City Cycle, and the Young People’s Community Center (YPCC). The group traveled from the YPCC in Ebensburg to the Eliza Furnace in Vitondale on the Ghost Town Trail. They talked about how the ‘Bridge to Pittsburgh’ effort would affect recreational, regional, and economic growth in the area. The bikes for Fitzgerald and Chernisky were donated by City Cycle in Richland township.

A news conference was held outside of the Ebensburg courthouse in the morning. Cambria County Commissioner Tom Chernisky spoke about the traits Cambria County shares with Allegheny County: both have formed from the steel and coal industry and are dedicated to working hard. Chernisky explained that there is an action plan to extend Pittsburgh businesses into Cambria County.

The ‘Building a Bridge to Pittsburgh’ effort would allow new and developed businesses to extend their offices into Cambria County. This region is full of state parks and forests, lakes, and of course, trails. Cambria County is a good option as a recreation destination for people of Allegheny County and surrounding areas.

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