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Johnstown Urban Connectivity Project

The September 11th National Memorial Trail and the Pennsylvania Main Line Canal Greenway intersect in Johnstown’s Central Business District and promise a significant economic boost from tourism. The Cambria County Conservation and Recreation Authority along with many other organizations will be working towards better connecting the city of Johnstown.

As seen in the map to the right, these trails will connect local transportation resources – the mass-transit bus terminal in the central business district (CBD), the historic Amtrak passenger rail station, and the historic Inclined Plane. In addition, these trails will connect vital community assets, including parks and public open space, national register historic districts, and cultural and heritage sites that also support tourism, and will improve community livability and opportunities for healthy, engaged lifestyles.

The two nationally significant trails follow three corridors along the major waterways, reversing the community’s historical neglect of the rivers to now highlight them.

  • Corridor 1 connects the existing Cambria Iron Trail through Cambria City and the West End to the planned Conemaugh Gap Trail (part of the Main Line).
  • Corridor 2 connects the Path of the Flood Trail into the Downtown and its key transportation assets.
  • Corridor 3 connects the downtown to Greenhouse Park using existing sections of the James Mayer Riverswalk Trail (part of the 9/11 Trail).
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