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Vision 2025 plants native nursery beds on Jim Mayer Riverswalk Trail

Many improvements took place on the Jim Mayer Riverswalk Trail this spring. On April 24, volunteers of the Johnstown’s Vision2025 Pet Friendliness Capture Team set up 3 new Pet Waste Stations. They are located along the trail near the Riverside, Bridge St., and Messenger St. trail heads.
Johnstown’s Vision2025 Green Space/Trails capture team, the Rotary Club of Richland, and community members also donated their time and talent to the trail on May 1st. These volunteers were able to weed, transplant, sow, and plant native nursery beds at the Bridge St. and Riverside trail heads of the Jim Mayer Riverswalk Trail. A pollinator garden was added at Bridge St., along with native plants around the new pet waste stations.
Projects like these are funded by the Friends of the Trails program.

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